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I Love to Drive
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by Jeanne on I Love to Drive

Great Place!!!! Everyone was so helpful and friendly from the first call to schedule through the end of the driving test. Mindy was awesome with my son and made him feel really comfortable fine tuning his driving skills. I have already recommended this place to all of my son's friends parents.

by JUNE on I Love to Drive

My instructor Alex was fantastic, I could not ask for anyone better. The staff at the testing center, Amanda, Mike and Mark were all wonderful and helped alleviate  my anxiety about taking the test. Rachel, who usually answers when I call has always been accommodating and courteous. I cannot and would not recommend any other driving school!

by Maxine on I Love to Drive

Everyone is really nice. My Instructor was Cindi, and she was extremely helpful and very sweet. We practiced a lot and it really made me a better driver!

by Juanita on I Love to Drive

I did the 30 min review and then the driving test right after. I had Mark as my instructor he was amazing and very helpful with tips and calming me down when I was anxious about the test. I also had Amanda as the tester and she was amazing and supportive as well.

by Pauline S on I Love to Drive
Sweet Memories for Life!

For short version of my review, please read this Haiku (5-7-5 syllables form of poetry) :- Browsing driving school Searching Google for reviews Found I Love To Drive Signed up for lessons Got an eight hours driving Took my test and pass My instructor rocks He is Mr. Steve Speckman Best teacher ever The big day has come And then there is Mr. Mike We had lots of laugh Go and sign up now You’ll be driving in no time With I Love To Drive Now, here’s the essay version for those who loves a good read (pardon for poor grammatical error, English isn’t my strong suit):- First of all, let me just say that I Love To Drive is THE BEST driving school, period! Everyone here were so attentive and friendly, most importantly they treat you like a human being with upmost respect. 100% agreed with their motto which is "It's not the School, it's the Instructor". The owner Mindy promptly answered all my email inquiries in timely manners, scheduled my first lesson in less than a week (but even if you can't get your first lesson fast enough, it is totally worth the wait). For a first time driver, I recommend getting their package (at least 6-hours, it comes with certificate to lower your insurance, that's a win in my book). I can't really speak for those with some driving experience but please hear me out.. hit that internal reset button and be a fresh sponge. In other words, forget everything you've ever learned about driving, open your mind and get ready to fully absorb every words from your instructor. If needed, write down every tips and driving wisdoms they soon part to you, those are a lifetime golden nuggets! I'm a 36 year old with less than 2 hours of driving practice in an office complex parking lot prior joining I Love To Drive. Pretty sure I have both ADHD and OCD, never properly diagnosed but anxiety always get the best of me growing up. For the longest time, I thought I will never be able to drive for the rest of my life. Lo and behold… Mr. Steve Speckman came to my rescue, busting that myth I’ve created for myself. It’s true what philosophers said, fear is your only true enemy, worse if you’re an over-thinker like I am. Which is why I Love To Drive is so unique and different compare to other driving schools, they specifically cater to our needs. This is a place where you’ll feel heard, seen and valued. My instructor Mr. Steve Speckman did an excellent job in helping me conquered my fear and boost my confidence. He never once push or force me beyond my own comfortable level. I highly recommend getting that 30 mins prep lesson and driving test directly from them (mine was schedule in 2 business days, heck I'll avoid anything that involves waiting at DMV). Here’s the highlight of my day, my test instructor Mr. Mike Fusco is the funniest person ever, I got a kick out of our mini lesson, never have I ever laugh so hard in my entire life with a stranger that I just met 5 mins ago, he knows how to ease your tension and nervousness prior taking the test, and he’ll guide you through and through. Listen to every words he says, trust that he's got your back and I can guaranteed that you will pass with flying colors. Let me put it this way, imagine a zombie apocalypse's scenario.. he's the guy you want on your survival team to keep you alive, nuff said! Lastly, life is too short for mediocre driving school, getting a driver's license is once in a lifetime experience. Personally, I would only choose the best of the best, and I Love to Drive is THE BEST hands down!! Call me sentimental, I’m quite sad that my time with them has come to an end, but I will forever cherish this short sweet memories for the rest of my life. I hope this driving school will exist for years to come because I’ll send all my future kids their way. With my most humble and sincere gratitude to everyone in I Love To Drive driving school, thank you.. from the bottom of my heart. And for those who read this essay ’til the end.. thanks for coming to my TED Talk. *mic drop and scene..*

by Gianna J on I Love to Drive
SO Excited!

Today, May 12th: I FINALLY HAVE MY LICENSE I feel now like words have escaped me. As nervous and anxious and excited I was to finally take on this challenge... I can’t believe I’ve finally done it. I am so grateful and happy to have chosen I Love to Drive for my lessons. My instructor, Alex was great! We went over the basics, practiced safe driving skills out on the road and prepared for the test. He was clear, alert, kind and patient with me. I don’t think I could have learned how to drive in a better way. If I had a question, he had an answer. If I thought up a random joke, I was free to share it😌. And each lesson made me feel more and more comfortable behind the wheel. I just knew I was in good hands. And with this pandemic, I didn’t know what to expect but this place makes it easy to signup online for the number of lessons you want. And all I had to do was call in to set up the dates. I would get reminder texts and emails before each lesson and before my scheduled test date. Even during the test today, after preparing for it, it seemed like my nerves were trying to get to me. But the associates of the office and the test administrator were positive, calm and encouraging! It was a great experience and I’m so glad I was able to learn from I Love to Drive.

by Anonymous on I Love to Drive
I LOVE to drive!!

I just want to give a hugeee thank you to Alex, Mike, Mindy and everyone else who makes this possible. After a scary experience in the past, and because of my anxiety/adhd, I was convinced i’d never be behind a wheel again- at least not without having a meltdown. I was gifted 3 lessons and test prep by a family member and passed my test on the first go! (Mike was awesome for the test (prep) as was Alex, for my lessons.) Here, they tailor the lessons to your needs and understand the importance of gentle mentoring and confidence building- things I unfortunately didn’t receive when I was learning before. It does make such a difference, and I am so happy I can finally say “I love to drive!”

by Alicia on I Love to Drive

Alex was My driving Instructor , I had
Anxiety going into it but he made you feel calm , and was very
Patient with you. The guy , that gave me my driver test was awesome and knew I had anxiety but helped me right thought it , and also the owner was awesome ! I highly recommend this place !! It’s worth the money

by Siani Cardona on I Love to Drive
Best Instructor!

I had the pleasure of having Andy as an instructor. I was always anxious when it came to driving, but his calm demeanor made me more than comfortable. Andy made sure to teach me awareness and caution, while also making me laugh for the majority of my lessons. He was extremely patient and even finished each lesson with an overview of what I needed to work on in order to be a safe driver. I can't say enough about his teaching style! My lessons were also very easy to setup and everyone I have spoken to from this company have been amazing! Look no further, these people are it.

by Mike C on I Love to Drive
Top notch School

Our son had been driving for a while and had the basics. Alex fine tuned his skills and taught him parallel parking, defensive driving, and highway strategies. The improvement was amazing. We went from “worried parents” to “much less worried”. Alex provide us with a summary of things they covered and our sons progress at the end of every lesson.The emerald package with a review and test was cost effective and a perfect match for us. We had an extremely positive experience from the initial call to the test.

Don’t bother looking elsewhere..... go here!

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