About Us

Special needs, ADHD and nervous drivers are all welcome at I Love To Drive. When making your appointments with us, please mention any medical or psychological diagnosis to help us better plan your lessons to make it a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you. You are also invited to call and discuss any concerns with us. We're happy to work with you, the way it works best for you.

I Love To Drive driving school bases its teaching theories around the premise that no two students learn exactly alike. Using lessons tailored to the individual's particular learning style, every student is trained in all the aspects of defensive driving along with the physical skills needed to be a safe driver. Our mission is to create defensive and safe drivers that have the ability and confidence to deal with the many possible situations that they may encounter in their driving future.

Our on-the-road lessons provide the driving time needed to learn the skills necessary while our instructor provides the guidance and productive evaluation for a safe and educational experience. Fun based and goal driven lessons support a positive and reinforcing teaching environment to help encourage the student. Our goal at I Love To Drive is to make every lesson a fun and positive experience for the student.

Whether you’re brand new to driving, getting ready to take your drivers test and even If you’re just a little nervous or severely anxious, we take pride in being able to help. We are certified in teaching ADHD students and tailor our lessons to every individuals needs. I Love To Drive welcomes all types of learning differences and will customize a program that works best for you.

In-vehicle distractions are considered to be one of the most common causes for accidents. Any disorder that impairs attention, such as ADHD or other executive-functioning issues, creates the same environment and risk that may cause a collision or serious incident while driving. Using training, experience and patience, I Love To Drive can help. We work with the student to create strategies and skills to manage the risks associated with attention disorders.

I Love to Drive is a Behind the Wheel With ADHD certified school. This driving program gives instructors the necessary tools to coach ADHD students. By creating effective strategies and teaching skills to manage risks associated with executive functioning challenges and driving, you can rest assured knowing our instructors will both nurture and care for your child's development as a driver.

In addition to educating your child's driving instructor, Behind the Wheel With ADHD also offers a parent webinar. View the promotional video here.

About Our Instructors

Each of our instructors are licensed through the Department of Education and hold a current Driving Instructors License. Each of them also have all current clearance, including: FBI, Fingerprints, and Child Abuse Certifications completed yearly.


Mindy Collett

Owner & Instructor


Tricia Tiehel


I'm a former high school English teacher of 13 years. My many years in the classroom taught me the importance of patience and building a rapport with my students. I am well versed in various learning styles. I have taught students with auditory processing disorder, ADHD, and executive functioning disorder. Before I taught high school I also tutored ESL students one-on-one in a university setting. Now I love helping students achieve their dream of becoming licensed drivers!


Tim Welch


I have been teaching driver training for six years. Prior to that, I served as a Police Officer in Newtown Township, Delaware County for thirty years. My assignments were Patrol, Criminal and Accident Investigation. I am a graduate of Marple-Newtown Senior High School, Villanova University and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Inter-County Detective School. Previously, I raced motocross and supercross in the senior expert division for thirteen years. Between the police patrol and traveling the country in a motor home after retirement, I have logged over one million miles of highway driving.


Steve Rich


For the past 25 years, I have been a public school teacher helping students excel in their academic endeavors. Working for I Love to Drive has given me the opportunity to help high school students and adults in their pursuit of obtaining their driver's license. Learning how to drive can be fun, but it can also be challenging for some. By providing support and guidance for each person, tailoring each lesson to my students needs, my students can learn how to drive in a safe, relaxed learning environment. As a guidance counselor, I am open to listening to your concerns about driving and am happy to support you.